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Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Positive test results. Early this morning I took a friend to have some medical tests done. Dr. just came out and said everything went well and had good results to report. Still waiting on results of biopsies but I am praying those results will be just as good.

Learning. I learned a lot in class today. I have a great professor and I am so grateful that I am taking this painting class.

Fun Plans. I am planning to go to an open mic night this weekend where several of my friends will be playing and singing. Really looking forward to a night out.


Thank you so much for positive results on the medical tests today. Thank you that I was able to help my friend today.

Thank you for professors who share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their field of expertise. I am learning a lot and I thank you that I continue to reach for new learning experiences.  Thank you for continuing to wait patiently for me to get my act together.